Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Abandon blog...well, almost

So, this is the challenge with blogging and I imagine everyone who blogs has at least one major gap and an apology post to go along with it. So here's mine. So here's a quick update...

Grandma came all the way from Canada to visit us in October. What an exciting adventure! She had a great sense of humour through it all, and you definitely need one when you're traveling in these parts. There was a lot of play time, relaxing and a wonderful trip to the boma, of course. During this visit, Naanyuni decided to give Grandma the gift of her first few steps. 

Life and work have continued onward. Naanyuni's speedy mobility made our trip to Italy for Christmas a fun adventure. We met up with Aunty Papa (Robin) and stayed in Florence over the holiday season and traveled on day trips to Pisa, Venice and a couple of small towns. 

All the while I had been interviewing at various schools for next year, with the intent to leave Tanzania. At the end of February, I reconsidered that plan and decided to stay, largely because it just didn't seem to be working out to find work elsewhere within a time frame I was comfortable with. I've re-signed my contract at the school for next year and will begin looking for work again for the following year starting in October. 

Naanyuni has many friends here now and it's nice to have another year with them all. In our building complex of 16 apartments there are six other children she plays with everyday. She definitely has the benefits of one-to-one care with the added bonus of socializing in groups regularly. I'm very happy for her to be interacting regularly with other children. I'm hoping she'll learn to stop giving the boys love slaps on the head. She has recently added smooches on the cheek, so I'm hopeful this will take the place of the cranium drumming. 

That's all to report for now. There are some plans pending and I'll post them as results come in. Pictures don't seem to be uploading for now. I'll try to post some later...

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  1. Great to hear about your life, adventure and sweet Naanyuni.

    When I first started out blogging, I had no idea if anyone was reading it - but w/ facebook now you'll have automatic followers reading you...even if they don't leave comments, it helps with the motivation to know someone awaits to hear what you have to say.

    You always have something interesting to say and you do it so eloquently, Tree!

    Our #4 is on his/her's way, but I'm not publicizing it yet. Looking forward to more of your stories.